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Questionnaire - If you would like a quote on a specific modular home, complete the questionnaire below and click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form. Your inquiry will be forwarded to an account representative for immediate action.
PART ONE: About You
Please fill in all boxes so we may provide you with accurate information. Incomplete forms are a challenge to process. Thanks.
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PART TWO: About Your New House

Tell us which house you want. In the box at the right, enter either the name of the house (like Nantucket), or the model number of the house (like CC-124).

Each house is available in two price-levels. Select one.
To see a summary of what you get at each price-level, see Spec-Summary.
To see the all the details, see Specifications.
Please list the additional features that you want included in to quoted price..
We will include them and their price in the proposal. For instance, maybe you don't want all of the features of a Majestic but you want some of them; or maybe you want a picture window or a shed dormer. See the list of options listed on the Popular Options page.
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