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D & G Modular Homes
How To Use The Site

At this site, you can shop for a new house. Each house has a floorplan and a price. We offer more than 200 houses divided among nine styles:
  • Specials,
  • Capes,
  • Colonials,
  • Ranches,
  • Split-Entries,
  • Split-Levels,
  • Contemporaties,
  • Multi-Families, and
  • Elegants.

    Follow these steps:
  • go to the homepage (upper left button),
  • select the style of house you want, then
  • on the new page, open the pricelist for that style *
  • pick a house in the pricelist that satisfies your needs.

    It is wise to select a house that:
  • has adequate square-footage (the Sqft column),
  • the right number of bedrooms (the Bdrm column), and
  • the right number of baths (the columns Fb ¾b ½b).

  • * the left button below the pictures displays a pricelist of that style for mainland deliveries and the right button displays the pricelist of that style for deliveries to Martha's Vineyard

    Once you have found a candidate then click the link in the "Model #" column. At that point, a PDF viewer like Adobe Acrobat will display the first (or only) floorplan page corresponding to the house that you selected. The new window may not replace the pricelist page you were viewing but will at least partially obscure it. Some Internet browsers will upon a new tab instead. To return to that pricelist page, close the PDF-viewer by using the X is its upper right corner. Some floorplan files are multi-page because:
  • the first page shows a front elevation drawing; or
  • the kitchen and bedroom levels (like a colonial) are shown on separate pages.

  • To check out another candidate floorplan, close the PDF viewer window by using the X in its upper right corner; then select another Model #.

    A cape won't do it for you but maybe a colonial will? So:
  • click the HomePage button at the top left, or
  • click the left arrow (top left corner of the pricelist page),
  • click the left arrow (top left corner of the Capes page),
  • click the Colonials button (middle button in top row).

    Find a floorplan that is close. Some of the things we can change:
  • we can increase the length,
  • we can increase the width of 24 or 26-wide houses,
  • we can change the location of the inner walls,
  • we can reverse the entire floorplan if necessary, and
  • we can add options and upgrades..

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