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D & G Modular Homes
What Is Included In Our Price
On this page you can learn:
  • what is included in our price, and
  • what your responsibilities are (nobody likes last-minute surprises).

The D & G price includes:
  • ordering your factory-built home from a top-quality manufacturer who employs a professional design staff using state-of-the-art computer-automated design tools;
  • building your home using the best materials which equal or surpass the construction quality of on-site built homes;
  • inspecting your home many times using independent, nationally recognized third-party inspection teams;
  • delivering the house modules to your lot and paying for all relevant permits, freight, tolls, frame deposits etc. to Southern NH or to most areas of Mass (other areas quoted on request);

The D & G price includes:(cont'd)

  • setting the house on your foundation using an experienced crane and set crew who:
    • install lolly columns (buyer supplied);
    • assemble and shingle the roof;
    • install collar ties;
    • bolt the modules together and secure them to the foundation;
    • ensure that when we leave the site, your house is weather-tight.

    For all style homes, the buyer is responsible for:

    • Excavation, water and sewer/septic.
    • Installing the foundation so that it meets the specifications of the supplied prints.
    • Installing a single 2x6 pressure-treated sill on the foundation.
    • Preparing space on the site to allow storage of the house modules on the lot.
    • Disposing of the plastic and scrap wood removed from the house modules by the set crew.
    • Drywall touch-up after the house has been set (the house will be all drywalled and primed white in the factory).
    • Installing drywall in all archways and passthroughs between modules.
    • Seaming the carpets in all the archways and doorways in the mating walls.
    • Re-shimming the exterior doors (this is not always necessary).
    • Re-shimming the interior doors (this is seldom necessary).
    • Installing and trimming out all interior doors associated with the mating wall (Materials provided by Manufacturer).
    • Installing siding provided by the manufacturer.
    • Installing porches and decks.
    • Installing the heating system including the baseboard loop as well as all other basement plumbing (all Plumbing is stubbed through the floor by the manufacturer).
    • Installing the bathroom roof vent unless the house configuration allows it to be installed by the manufacturer).
    • Applying insulation to the floor-joists between the basement and the 1st-floor. (Required in most States).
    • Installing the basement stairs.

    In addition, for cape homes, the buyer is responsible for:

    • Assembling and installing the 2nd-floor close-off package (the manufacturer supplies 2x4 framing, sheetrock, and a ship loose door).
    • Insulating the close-off space. (Insulation is not included in the close-off package)
    • Securing the stairway to the 2nd-floor (the stairway is installed by the manufacturer including a shipping beam which must be cut out and stairs shifted back into place and fastened.)
    • Installing the 2nd-floor stairway carpet.
    In addition, for colonial homes (2-story), the buyer is responsible for:

    • Installing the 2nd-floor stairway when the house plan does not allow the stairway to be installed by the manufacturer.
    • Finishing the 2nd-floor stairway when the house plan does not allow the stairway to be finished by the manufacturer. This includes installing drywall around stairs. installing banisters and/or handrails (not supplied) or installing -height drywall wall for which materials may be ordered.
    • Making plumbing connections through the access hole in the 1st-floor ceiling and finishing the ceiling drywall.
    • Installing the 2nd-floor stairway carpet.
    We will help you through this process; you want a fine home, we want a happy customer.

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