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D & G Modular Homes


If you want single-level living but a little more curb-appeal than a ranch, a D&G Split-Level could work for you. We can install your Split-Level offset vertically or all modules can be installed at the same level. Depending on the contours of your lot, lower level garages are possible either facing front or on the side.
We offer a wide range of Split-Levels from the modest 1093-sqft ST-300 Benton to the 2200-sqft ST-306 Haverford with a master suite, three other large bedrooms and 2 baths. Go to a Split-Level pricelist and find a Split-Level that matches your requirements then visit that floorplan. If you find a plan that works for you, Contact Us.

If you like one of our Split-Levels but it needs some customization, we will find a way to meet your needs. As is or customized, we're ready to build your Split-Level home! — Doug Frizzell & John Leite, Owners

Modest Multi-Level Stand-out Multi-Level Stately Multi-Level Grand Multi-Level
See the SplitLevel Mainland Pricelist Use our super search tool See the SplitLevel Vineyard Pricelist

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