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D & G Modular Homes


The D & G Specials Series is a collection of floor plans from various manufacturers. The manufacturer is willing to sell these houses at a lower profit so that the marketing people have something to advertise. The Specials Series includes Capes, Ranches, Split-Entries and Colonials.

Check out our latest prices using one of the buttons below. Study our Specials pricelist for a house that matches your requirements then visit that floorplan. If you find a plan that interests you, Contact Us.

If you fall in love with one of these plans but you would like a few tweaks, we have influence at the factory and, even though these are not intended for customizing, we find the manufacturer especially understanding.
We're ready to build your new home!
— Doug Frizzell & John Leite, Owners

Cozy Cape Reasonable Ranch Snowy Split Climbing Colonial
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