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D & G Modular Homes


When you buy a D&G Cape, you get an excellent value because, although we purchase only two modules from the manufacturer, you end up with the "Bonus Space" of a ready-to-finish second floor. Adding a pair of front dormers for your cape will increase the value of that bonus space and add certain curb-side charm.

When you drive up to your cape from a long day's work, you will smile broadly to see a youngster waving to you from the window of a front dormer as you roll into the driveway.

Go to one of the Cape pricelists and find one that matches your requirements then visit that floorplan. If you find a plan that interests you, Contact Us. If you like one of our Capes but it needs some customization, we can do it.
As-is or customized, we're ready to build your Cape home!
— Doug Frizzell & John Leite, Owners

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